ION, S.A.: more than 40 years manufacturing chemical specialties

ION, S.A. is a company that has been a benchmark in the production and marketing of chemical specialities for more than 40 years, with the aim of satisfying the demand of any sector of activity, as well as meeting the needs of professionals in companies and public bodies.

Our mission is to create products with high added value, designed to make our customers’ activities more efficient, always following firm criteria of quality, safety and commitment to the environment.

ION, S.A. establishes its quality policy for all its design, production, development and marketing activities, which guarantees that each action complies with the highest standards. In this way, it maintains this policy as an essential tool for the achievement of its fundamental objective: the satisfaction of our customers.

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ION, S.A. focuses its activity on:

Committed to quality and innovation

To develop and market top quality products to meet the needs of the entire production and service network.

Putting all the work and effort into improving our formulations and work methodologies to always offer the best chemical solutions.

Professionalism, innovation and quality as fundamental points of a job. Three factors that have led us to be 40 years leading the sector.


ION, S.A.: Quality, innovation and professionalism as our hallmarks.


On September 25, ION, S.A. was born with the objective of providing companies with quality and innovative chemical products.
During this stage, the product catalogue is expanded to meet the demands of a greater number of sectors.
In this year ION, S.A. receives the ISO 9.001 Quality Certification that accredits that its activities comply with the highest quality standards.
On January 1, 1999, the euro was introduced as a bargaining chip in Spain as well as in 10 other European countries. The economy was boosted in the main sectors of activity of our clients.
The Spanish economic crisis began in 2008 and, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), concluded in 2014. Most of our clients were affected.
In this year ION, S.A., established as a leader in innovation, faces the difficult challenge of being a fundamental part in the fight against the Covid-19 through its products used by professionals from all sectors.

More than 4.000 m² of installations

Everything in industrial and professional chemistry: Catalogues.

At ION S.A. we work to satisfy every specific need in all types of industry. Our work involves constant development and reformulation to obtain better results day by day. We offer you here our catalogues so that you have all the information at hand and, if you have any kind of question, do not hesitate to contact us; our team of professionals will answer you.

R & D Always one step ahead

ION, S.A. has been committed to innovation and development as one of its main values for more than 40 years. The great team of professionals that make up ION, S.A. are committed to a constant evolution that they put into our products with professionalism and knowledge.

New developments

We promote innovation through permanent market analysis and the development of new products and formats. Products that take a step forward and innovate to cover needs that the market demands as time goes by.


At ION S.A. we never settle. Although our chemical solutions have proven their effectiveness for years, we continue to improve their formulation to offer greater efficiency year after year.

Ongoing training

Our qualified professionals undergo constant renovation to keep up with a discipline in continuous evolution such as chemistry, in which the best of the best is always demanded.

Guaranteed quality seal

The work and good work of ION, S.A. for more than four decades was rewarded in 1997 with the achievement of the AENOR quality seal, guaranteed by IQNet, an international certifying entity that groups together the 30 main certifying organizations from different countries. This seal endorses ION, S.A. as a worldwide accredited company in terms of compliance with quality standards.

The supervision of our products is a fundamental rule in the daily life of our workers. Aware of the importance of our work, at ION, S.A., we make sure that each product, each delivery, and each service is carried out as if it were unique.


We comply with all safety requirements so that our workers can carry out their work as safely as possible.


Constant struggle to offer an improvement in our products thanks to our R+D+I department.


We make sure that each product from our factories reaches the customer in the best conditions and that it meets their expectations.

International vocation


Our distribution network reaches all Europe and Latin America.

National and

At ION, S.A., we have an expansive and international vocation, with the aim of growing every day and consolidating our position in other countries as leaders in the manufacture and distribution of chemicals for professionals. We work throughout Spain, Europe and with Latin American countries by means of international shipments through FOB (free on board) exports.