Chemical solutions
for all sectors

and Horeca

Desarrollamos una línea de productos químicos enfocados al sector servicios, con desinfectantes para la industria alimentaria y hostelera. Dentro de esta categoría encontramos también la línea de desarrollos para mantenimiento de fincas, dentro de la que se encuadra el tratado de todo tipo de aguas (piscinas, fuentes, aguas residuales, desincrustaciones industriales, etc.).

and workshops

Because we know that the industrial sector always demands the maximum to produce in optimal conditions, we developed a specific line of products that guarantees the maximum performance. This range also includes everything related to products focused on workshops and vehicle maintenance, such as additives, enamels or lubricants.

Chemical solutions for construction and public works

Guarantee of security and efficiency with our catalogue of products focused on construction and civil engineering. Antifreeze, waterproofing, adhesives and paints suitable for work on all types of materials and surfaces. Sealants, solvents, cleaners and much more.