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HIDROPANT – FORTE: Water repellent for tiles and porous surfaces

88.27 490.05  VAT included

It is a protector for facades and walls against damp, which prevents the appearance of stains and efflorescence, protecting buildings from deterioration caused by pollution and atmospheric agents. Sizes: 5, 30 and 60 Litres.


Container/Litres Price/Container Price/Litre
5 Litres 72,55 € 14,51 €/L.
30 Litres 368,70 € 12,29 €/L.
60 Litres 659,40 € 10,99 €/L.


What is it?

HIDROPANT-FORTE is a treatment for porous building materials that provides treated surfaces with excellent resistance to water penetration by capillary action, protecting them from deterioration due to the action of humidity and atmospheric agents.
HIDROPANT-FORTE is a high performance product, which is easily applied and dries very quickly, allowing the treated surfaces to be put into service in a short space of time.

How is it used?

It is applied by roller, brush or airless spray gun, saturating the surface to be treated. Once dry, repeat the application for cases where greater protection is required.
Cross applications are recommended to avoid unimpregnated areas.
The application rate depends on the porosity of the material to be treated. As a guideline a value of 15-20 m2/l of product can be given.
For the cleaning of tools use aromatic solvents.
The product provides excellent protection of terracotta tiles, terracotta, granite, marble, etc., against humidity, burnt oil, coffee, grease, etc., without leaving any residue once the surface has been cleaned.
Do not apply the product when the ambient humidity is high or when there is water condensation on the surface or capillary network.

Where does it apply?

HIDROPANT-FORTE is used in the treatment of construction materials and porous surfaces of terracotta, terracotta, granite, marble, concrete, etc., so its use is very useful in construction companies, applicators, building and community maintenance contractors, etc.
HIDROPANT-FORTE improves the resistance of construction materials to difficult stains, making it easier to clean without leaving a residue, so it is very useful for manufacturers of terracotta tiles, sculptors, clay and terracotta artistic pieces workshops, countertop manufacturers, etc.



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30 liters, 5 liters


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