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INOX-BRILL: Stainless steel and chrome polisher-polishers

108.54 215.62  VAT included

A stainless steel polish with deoxidising, polishing and cleaning properties for metal surfaces exposed to aggressive environments. Can size: 1,2K. Presented in boxes of 6, 12 and 24 units.


Box/Units Price/Box Price/Unit.
Box 6 ud. 85,32 € 14,22 €/ud.
Box 12 ud. 144,72 € 12,06 €/ud.
Box 24 ud. 268,08 € 11,17 €/ud.



What is it?

It is a stainless steel polish with deoxidising, polishing and cleaning properties for metal surfaces exposed to aggressive environments.
INOX-BRILL contains in its composition a mixture of abrasives of selected granulometry, so that they perform a cleaning and polishing function of metallic surfaces, without producing scratches or alterations in the original finishes.
INOX-BRILL eliminates oxidation spots that appear on chrome-plated metal surfaces exposed to the action of aggressive agents.
INOX-BRILL removes bluing of stainless steel welds, shallow scratches, grease and dirt adhering to metal surfaces.


How is it applied?

INOX-BRILL is applied directly on the surface to be treated, without diluting, soaking a clean cloth or sponge in the product. Allow a few seconds for the product to work. Then rub with a clean cloth.
The amount of product to be used depends largely on the amount of dirt present on the surface to be treated. As a general rule, 5 – 10 g of product is sufficient for cleaning one square metre of metal surface.
For cleaning hands and tools, use water.


Where does it apply?

INOX-BRILL is used for the treatment of metal surfaces in stainless steel workshops, chrome-plating shops, metalwork shops, shipyards, official services, etc.
INOX-BRILL is successfully used for cleaning burners, stainless steel plates, pans, cookware, removing bluish heat stains and burnt-on residues.
INOX-BRILL is very useful in maintenance companies in hotels, communities, large communities, restaurants, cleaning agencies, etc.




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Units per box

12 units, 6 units


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