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BACTER 23: Disinfectant detergent authorized for Environmental use and in the Food Industry

54.15 274.07  VAT included

It is a broad spectrum product based on a mixture of benzalkonium chloride with non-ionic surfactants, especially indicated for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, equipment and facilities related to the Food and Environmental Industry. Sizes: 5, 30 and 60 Liters.


Package/Liters Price/Package Price/Liter
5 Liters 35,85 € 7,17 €/L.
30 Liters 205,80 € 6,86 €/L.
60 Liters 358,80 € 5,98 €/L.


What is it?

BACTER-23 has a high degreasing and wetting power, which allows it to reduce the surface tension where it is applied, penetrating into areas where other disinfectants cannot reach, eliminating embedded dirt in the places where it is attached.

BACTER-23 is effective against a wide variety of microorganisms, exerting a powerful disinfecting action. Its high chemical stability makes it effective even in the presence of organic matter and dissolved salts (high water hardness).

BACTER-23 complies with the standard of bactericidal efficacy UNE-EN 13697 (Antiseptics and chemical disinfectants. Qualitative test of non-porous surfaces).


How is it used?

Before using BACTER-23, a thorough cleaning of the area or equipment should be performed. In order to avoid risks, follow the instructions for use.

BACTER-23 is applied by spraying the product diluted in water, at the dose used. As a guideline, dilutions of the product at 2% in water (20ml of product for each liter of water) are usually used, maintaining a contact time of 5min. As minimum.

Carry out the application of the product in the absence of food, taking the necessary measures so that the food and utensils that are handled in the treated premises or facilities do not contain residues of any of their active ingredients when they are to be used. For this, the treated parts must be properly rinsed with water before use.


How does it apply?

BACTER-23 is especially indicated for compliance with strict General Hygiene Plans, both in the Food Industry and in Environmental Health. It is essential in the maintenance and disinfection of surfaces, utensils, equipment and facilities present in ham and sausage dryers, food factories, beverages, cutting rooms, poultry, etc.

BACTER-23 is used for the disinfection of floors, walls, ceilings, tiles, showers, etc. of hotels, restaurants and communities.




The information contained in this page is informative, advisory, informative and advertising. In no case does it offer or have the character of a binding or contractual commitment. Said information can be modified, developed or updated without prior notification. For more information, consult the corresponding technical and / or product safety data sheets.

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30 liters, 5 liters


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