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BACTERION – TOTAL: Total pouring disinfectant for environmental and food industry use, in aerosol form.

95.32 318.57  VAT included

It is a disinfectant with bactericidal action, presented in the form of a total discharge aerosol, for environmental use and in the food industry. Available in 150 and 400ml aerosols.


Caja 150ml/Unidades Precio/Caja Precio/Unidad.
Caja 6 ud. No disponible No disponible
Caja 12 ud. 95,16 € 7,93 €/ud.
Caja 24 ud. 174,72 € 7,28 €/ud.


Box 400ml/Units Price/Box Price/Unit.
Box 6 ud. 78,78 € 13,13 €/ud.
Box 12 ud. 133,56 € 11,13 €/ud.
Box24 ud. 247,44 € 10,31 €/ud.


What is it?

BACTERION-TOTAL (A) is a bactericidal disinfectant for environmental and food industry use. The aerosol container has a mechanism that allows the discharge of its entire contents in a single application.
BACTERION-TOTAL (A) diffuses into the environment reaching areas that would be inaccessible by hand. It is effective against a wide variety of microorganisms and very stable against organic matter. A contact time of 5 minutes is sufficient to reduce the presence of microorganisms that cause environmental contamination.
BACTERION-TOTAL (A) complies with the strict UNE-EN 1276 Standard. Chemical antiseptics and disinfectants. Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of the bactericidal activity of chemical antiseptics and disinfectants used in foodstuffs, in the home and in the community.


Where does it apply?

The approximate yield of the 210ml aerosol is 25m³.
The approximate output of the 520ml aerosol is 70m³.
1- Position the aerosol where it is to be emptied, usually in the centre of the enclosure, in order to facilitate the diffusion of the product.
2- Press the actuator until its clip locks, pressing downwards. The aerosol will be completely discharged.
In Food Industry, its application in aerial disinfection shall be carried out in the absence of food, taking all the necessary measures so that these, as well as the installations, equipment and utensils that are handled, do not contain residues of any of the active ingredients of the product. If necessary, the treated parts shall be rinsed with water before use. Likewise, the product shall not be applied on surfaces where food is handled, prepared, served or consumed.


¿Dónde se aplica?

BACTERION-TOTAL (A) is especially indicated for environmental decontamination in a multitude of companies and installations as well as means of transport, funeral enclosures, etc. and in particular for the aerial disinfection of premises related to the Food Industry (unloading areas, warehouses, cold stores, etc.).
BACTERION-TOTAL (A) is used by those companies that need to comply with strict Hygiene, Risk Control and HACCP Plans.





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Additional information

Weight N/A

150 cc, 400 cc

Units per box

12 units, 24 units, 6 units


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