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CAR-CLEAN: Car body polish cleaner and protector for car bodies

29.95 254.10  VAT included

A special surfactant mixture for car bodywork cleaning with high detergent power and suitable for use in both manual and automatic car washes. Sizes: 5, 30 and 60 Litres.


Package/Liters Price/Package Price/Liter
5 Litres 20,65 € 4,13 €/L.
30 Litres 103,20 € 3,44 €/L.
60 Litres 187,80 € 3,13 €/L.


What is it?

CAR-CLEAN is a mixture of surfactants, polishers and new cleaning agents that dissolve all types of grease and dirt, eliminating crusts, insects and adhesions. It polishes the paintwork without damaging it, giving new life to the vehicle.
Indispensable in car washes, as its components reduce drying time to a minimum.
CAR-CLEAN complies with international biodegradability standards.
CAR-CLEAN is perfectly compatible with any anionic or non-ionic surfactant, while it is not compatible with cationic surfactants.
As it is additive with calcium ion complexing agents, it provides a quick draining of the rinse water, preventing stains or streaks that may remain due to water hardness.
For the same reason, CAR-CLEAN is not affected by water hardness and can be used even with brackish water.
CAR-CLEAN does not irritate the skin.


How is it used?

Used dissolved in the wash water. The quantity to be used in automatic trains depends on the characteristics of the machine.
As a general rule, it is sufficient to dilute 1 part of the product in up to 5 parts of water. The mixture shall be dosed directly from the detergent storage tank into the car body.
For manual car washes in garages, apply 1 part product to 5 or 10 parts water. Apply the mixture by rubbing gently with a sponge until all dirt is removed. Then rinse with plenty of water.
It is recommended to prepare the necessary dilution to be consumed in one working day, to avoid alterations in the conservation of the product.


Where does it apply?

It is required in car parks, town halls, garages, military detachments and official services.




The information contained on this page is for information, advisory, informative and advertising purposes. Under no circumstances does it offer or have the character of a binding or contractual commitment. This information may be modified, developed or updated without prior notification. For further information, please consult the corresponding technical and/or safety data sheets of the product.

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30 liters, 5 liters, 60 litros


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