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CLEAN-QUAT: Quaternary ammonium decontaminant cleaner, concentrated, multi-purpose

60.20 299.48  VAT included

CLEAN-QUAT is a decontaminant cleaner for general use, which acts by eliminating organic matter, dirt and other vectors of contagion present in many different environments. Presentation: 5, 10 and 30 litre containers.


Container/Litres Price/Container Price/Litre.
5 Litres 54,75 € 10,95 €/ud.
10 Litres 99,50 € 9,95 €/ud.
30 Litres 268,50 € 8,95 €/ud.


What is it?

CLEAN-QUAT is a general purpose decontaminant cleaner, which acts by removing organic matter, dirt and other vectors of contagion present in many different environments.
CLEAN-QUAT combines the action of powerful cleaners and surface agents, as it is made up of a mixture of quaternary ammoniums, hydroalcohol and surfactants. This combination has been balanced to be particularly effective against a wide variety of agents that disturb the hygienic conditions of the environment.
CLEAN-QUAT has a good foaming power, reducing the surface tension of water, allowing it to penetrate into the most hidden corners and fully emulsify grease and dirt, fully developing its decontaminating properties.


How is it applied?

CLEAN-QUAT is mainly applied by spraying the product diluted in water.
As a shock dose, use a dilution of 500ml/10l of water. This application should be carried out once a week.
To maintain the cleaning effect, use dilutions of 350ml/10l of water, daily, if possible once the activity in the space or premises to be treated has ceased.
On smaller surfaces, apply CLEAN-QUAT by dampening a cloth in the solution to be used and rubbing until cleaning is complete, rinsing with water and finally drying with a clean, dry cloth.
On floors, apply CLEAN-QUAT by adding the necessary amount to the scrubbing water, using a mop or cleaning machinery.
CLEAN-QUAT can also be applied by mechanical spraying, directing the dilution towards corners, nooks and crannies and hard-to-reach places.


Where does it apply?

CLEAN-QUAT is a detergent-cleaner designed for use in changing rooms of personnel related to the food industry and sports facilities, although its high performance has extended its use to the decontamination of facilities in general.
CLEAN-QUAT is used in the cleaning and hygiene of bathtubs, shower trays, floors, walls, showers, saunas, etc., which is why we recommend its use in the maintenance of sports facilities, large communities, hotels, residences, military detachments, etc.
Due to its great versatility, CLEAN-QUAT is also used to preserve adequate hygiene conditions on surfaces in a multitude of public spaces, green areas, shops, offices, industries and professional facilities.





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