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LAM (A): All-purpose unlocking agent, aerosol

79.50 152.46  VAT included

It is a product consisting of a solvent-based mixture with lubricating properties, high penetration capacity and corrosion-inhibiting action. Presentation: Aerosols of 400ml.


Box/Units Price/Box Price/Unit.
Box 6 ud. 59,94 € 9,99 €/ud.
Box 12 ud. 100,80 € 8,40 €/ud.
Box 24 ud. 185,04 € 7,71 €/ud.


What is it?

LAM (A) is an organic solvent based mixture of mineral oils and dimethylpolysiloxane fluids.
LAM (A) quickly dissolves dirt, mould and all kinds of residues. It acts by capillary action, which gives it an excellent penetration capacity, reaching even the most hidden rust particles.
LAM (A) is free of aggressive products, both acids and bases. It leaves a protective film on the treated surface that protects against further attacks from environmental corrosion.
LAM (A) can be used on any surface, whether wood, rubber, rubber or metal, without damaging the finish.
LAM (A) in its aerosol form contains an ozone-friendly propellant (CFC-free). It acts by displacing moisture from wet parts, which is very useful for starting cars with wet parts. It also prevents bromide build-up in carburettors.


How is it applied?

LAM (A) in its aerosol presentation is applied by spraying directly onto the part to be treated at a distance of about 20 cm, leaving the product to act for about 20-30 seconds before loosening or using the part.
To improve the penetration of the product in locks, hinges, springs, small parts, etc. a push button with an extension tube is incorporated in the lid of the aerosol to facilitate these applications.


Where does it apply?

The use of LAM (A) is essential in garages and workshops in general, helping to unblock rusted screws and mechanical parts.
In the textile industry it is very useful for removing rusted shafts and freeing machine rings from corrosion.
LAM (A) is recommended in plumbing operations, vehicle repair shops, service companies, shipyards, textile factories, military detachments, railways, construction industry, scrapyards, etc.





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