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PJ-20: Anti-static, dust-repellent all-purpose cleaner

42.05 399.30  VAT included

Pj-20 is a general purpose cleaner and polish that repels dust and dirt. It is available as a bulk liquid for spray application or as an aerosol. Sizes: 5, 30 and 60 Litres.


Container/Litres Price/container Price/litre
5 litres 29,95 € 5,99 €/L.
30 litres 163,50 € 5,45 €/L.
60 litres 297,00 € 4,95 €/L.


What is it?

PJ-20 is a multi-purpose cleaner, presented in bulk. It replaces with advantage a whole range of cleaners, as it is the only one that, in a single application, cleans, protects and polishes, leaving a microscopic film of water-repellent and antistatic action, which repels water, dust and dirt, keeping surfaces cleaner for longer, while maintaining a soft touch.
PJ-20 is made up of a hydroalcoholic mixture, with additives of the latest generation of cleaning agents, polishers and dust repellents. It does not contain waxes, abrasives, acids, etc. that can damage surfaces. Moreover, due to its chemical inertness, it does not discolour or yellow, even if several layers are accumulated.
PJ-20 is also available as an aerosol.


How is it used?

Before application, shake the container well. Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned, keeping a distance of 20 to 30 cm, in short bursts and spread widely over the entire area to be treated. Then rub with a clean cloth until the surface is dry and spotless.
In this way, a high-performance and economically advantageous application is achieved.


Where is it used?

PJ-20 is the ideal product for eliminating the streaks produced by glasses when deposited on various surfaces. It is effective for cleaning leather, skay, plastic surfaces, plasticised wood, glass, mirrors, tiles, enamelled surfaces, furniture, methacrylate, floors, marble surfaces, gold and silverware and costume jewellery.
PJ-20 is essential for use in Cleaning and Maintenance Contracts, for cleaning offices, public centres, hotels, housing communities and large communities.





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30 liters, 5 liters


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