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SOLITRON (A): Universal chemical degreaser spray

57.72 201.83  VAT included

It is a universal chemical degreaser, presented in aerosol form, especially indicated for cleaning and degreasing engines and parts in car repair shops, garages, truck fleet maintenance companies, shipyards, ship repairs, railways, heavy machinery, etc. Pack size: 400ml aerosols.


Box/Units Price/box Price/unit.
Box 6 ud. 46,80 € 7,80 €/ud.
Box 12 ud. 78,72 €  6,56 €/ud.
Box 24 ud. 143,76 € 5,99 €/ud.


What is it?

It is a universal chemical degreaser, presented in the form of an aerosol, especially indicated for cleaning and degreasing workshop and engine parts.
SOLITRON (A) acts on grease and dirt by chemical reaction, dissolving the anchor points in the parts, facilitating their removal by simple rinsing with water.
SOLITRON (A) contains surfactants that facilitate the penetration of the product on grease and dirt, extracting it from the places where it is most encrusted, facilitating the general maintenance of industrial engines.
SOLITRON (A) is packaged with a suitable propellant, which does not alter the ozone layer, making it environmentally friendly.


How is it applied?

Before application, it is recommended to shake the aerosol can for 15 – 30 seconds to facilitate the incorporation of the product.
Applications should be made by spraying directly onto the areas to be cleaned, maintaining a distance of about 30 centimetres. To facilitate access to the most difficult areas, a spray nozzle with an extension is supplied in the lid of the aerosol, to be interchanged when necessary with the push button that is fitted.
Once the product has been applied, wait 4 – 5 minutes for the product to act and facilitate the removal of grease and dirt. Then rinse with pressurised water.
Repeat the operations when necessary to obtain an optimum result.


Where does it apply?

SOLITRON (A) is used in the cleaning and maintenance of engines in car washes, garages, repair shops, truck fleet maintenance companies, heavy machinery, etc.
SOLITRON (A) is a very useful product in shipyards, shipping companies, engine maintenance of maritime machinery, railway workshops, military detachments, agricultural machinery, etc., due to its fast action and its power to dissolve grease and dirt.
SOLITRON (A) is a product that provides a high performance, so its use finds wide applications in the maintenance of engines and industrial machinery.





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