Airtightness range

ION S.A. has a range of floor sealing paints, especially for application on cement and concrete surfaces. These coatings provide a perfect finish, with anti-slip, anti-dust properties and high resistance to erosion and the action of aggressive chemical products (acids and alkalis).

The range of coating agents with these characteristics is made up of three products:   

  • HERMETIC-I: Colourless screed sealing primer.  
  • HERMETIC-COLOR (G): Sealing paint available in various colours.   
  • HERMETIC-IS: Protective finish coating.

HERMETIC-I is introduced by capillary action into the pores of the flooring, anchoring itself to it and preparing the surface for the subsequent fixing of the coloured sealing paint. The acrylic resins it contains form a plastic layer about three millimetres deep which, when polymerised, closes the pores and repels damp and dust.

HERMETIC-COLOUR (G) completes the treatment starting with HERMETIC-I, giving the surface the desired colour and shade. Also available in other colours: yellow, white, light blue, grey, brown, red, green.

HERMETIC-IS further fixes the dye to the pavement, giving the surface a high quality finish coat that is resistant to abrasion, wear and tear and friction. [More information]

How to Apply Correctly.

The entire range of sealants is applied by roller, as it comes in the pack, without diluting and spreading it in successive coats. It is recommended that prior to application, the products are shaken to ensure homogenisation of their components. It is essential that the floor is dry and well cleaned before applying HERMETIC-COLOR (G), for this, we recommend the following treatment prior to application:

1) Carry out a vigorous cleaning, scrubbing the floor with a 25% dilution of our LIBAN product, in order to open the pores to favour the treatment.

2) Dejar secar la superficie por un periodo de entre 4 y 6 horas, de manera que se asegure el secado completo de la misma.

The product shall be applied as follows:

1) Check that the surface is free of moisture.

2) Agitar el producto dentro del envase antes de comenzar la aplicación.

3) Apply a first coat of HERMETIC-I to close the pores of the floor, taking care to spread the product in a thin layer.

4) Let this first coat dry, checking that the surface has acquired a homogeneous gloss and does not show “tacking”. The drying time varies depending on the humidity and temperature conditions of the environment, although it is recommended that it should never be less than 12 hours.

5) Apply one or two thin coats of HERMETIC-COLOR (G) until the desired shade is achieved, allowing it to dry between coats, according to the conditions detailed in the previous step.

6) Apply a final coat of HERMETIC-IS S, combing the surface well, allowing it to dry between coats according to the conditions detailed in the previous steps.

7) 24 hours after the last application, the room can be walked on. The performance of the sealant varies according to the porosity of the surface where it is applied and the ambient temperature. As a guideline, 2 to 3 square metres per litre applied in three coats can be taken as a guideline.


Before use, shake the products to ensure homogenisation of the components. The surface on which the product is to be applied must be clean and completely free of moisture. Apply the product in several layers, as homogeneous and thin as possible, in order to favour the evaporation of the solvent, avoiding the occlusion of air that would later lead to the formation of blisters. Once the sealant has been applied, avoid remaining in the room breathing the solvent vapours during the drying process.

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