Horizontal marking paints

The TRAF-ION range of paints formulated by IONSA has been specially developed for application on surfaces designed to withstand road traffic (asphalt, concrete, cobblestones, etc.). Available in the colours white, yellow, yellow, blue, red and black, they have always fully covered the signage needs demanded by contractors specialising in these applications.

Until now, the pigments present in this type of signalling paints were based on heavy metals, which had a negative impact on the environment.

The constant sustainable development of its products has led IONSA to modify its formulations, managing to substitute the pigments and additives present in its traffic paints, TRAF-ION YELLOW and TRAF-ION RED, without affecting their drying, resistance and colour properties.

Click here for more information: TRAF-ION.

Click here for more information: TRAF-SKID.

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