Spills in workspaces

Spillage of liquids is one of the most common incidents in the daily professional activity of many companies in different sectors, including: the food industry, transport agencies, warehouses, the chemical industry and biocide applicators, etc.

Among other problems, incidents related to spills are a risk factor that often leads to major damage, such as accidents at work, environmental impact, or breakdowns in machinery and work equipment. Regardless of whether the origin of a spill is due to the overturning or breakage of containers, fluid leaks in machinery and work equipment, etc., all situations have in common that they require quick and simple management. At ION, S.A. we have three products capable of providing an effective solution to these situations: ABSORBION, ABSORBION-TRANS and ABSORBION-PLUS. Manufactured chemically inert, they do not react with the liquids or gases they absorb, so they replace other conventional absorbents in the elimination of spills of dangerous chemical products. They are also non-combustible, resistant to compression and disintegration. Both dry and after having absorbed a liquid, they provide non-slip surfaces.

  • ABSORBION: It is of natural origin and is made up of asbestos-free phyllosilicates, with high porosity, which gives it a high specific surface area and therefore an extraordinary capacity to absorb liquids, gases, vapours and unpleasant odours. [Ampliar información]
  • ABSORBION-TRANS: Of natural origin, it has been designed through the selection of its components and subsequent physicochemical treatment in order to reorganise the crystalline structure of the mineral. This results in a high-performance absorbent, outperforming other phyllosilicates of the same granulometry but without treatment, increasing the absorption rate:
    • Grain hardness.
    • Specific absorption surface.
    • Anti-slip power.
    • Hydrocarbon absorption capacity.
  • ABSORBION-PLUS is an absorbent obtained from selected minerals and subjected to a specific treatment to provide them with the highest absorption capacity and maximum operational performance during the control of spills and spillages on all types of surfaces.
    • 100% natural origin, it is absolutely sustainable from an environmental point of view.
    • ABSORBION-PLUS has an optimum granulometry. This aspect is of crucial importance during its application, facilitating the work of dosing the product and collecting the residue, by minimising the emission of dust and preventing
    • The treatment of the ABSORBION-PLUS components makes it compatible with the widest range of fluids, whether they are water-based (acids or alkalis), oils or solvents, as well as giving it excellent mechanical, anti-slip, trafficability and safety (fireproof) properties.

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